2014 themes for CRED Magazine® 

Gamer Girls: This theme will be carried across several issues throughout the year.  The images for the Gamer Girl issues are basic shots. Try to work the gamer element into the shots. 1) Gamepad or game controller in hand or close by w/Game console.  Shots on a sofa or bed with TV or monitor close by as well if possible. 
2) Good shots of intense and fun facial expressions shown as if playing the game.
3) Clothing can be tank or halter tops, boy-shorts or lingerie.  
Power & Curves:  Cars, motorcycles, bicycles, skates, planes or any mode of transportation and your model will work for this special collection of issues.  Please reference the Clothing requirements.
Summer Heat:  A special collection of swimsuit issues scheduled for release throughout the summer & fall months. Please reference the Clothing requirements.
Holiday:  No images of seasonal/holiday themes are accepted.  
***Eye candy, swimsuit and lingerie shots are always accepted regardless of your theme. Reference the Clothing Requirements***
Image Deadlines:
Since these themes will be executed several times during the year there is no set deadline for image submission.  If your images don't make the current issue then they will be placed in the following issue featuring that theme.




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